Where to learn kitesurfing in Vietnam?

Where to learn kitesurfing in Vietnam?

For many kitesurfers this is an important question: Which is the best spot in Vietnam for kitesurfing? Where to learn kitesurfing in Vietnam?

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   The rule in general would be that since the beaches of Vietnam are usually very large and our asian friends are not very interested in the sun and sea, you can learn and practice kitesurfing almost anywhere, taking into account the basic common sense and without endanger other beach users.

Thus, in Vietnam you are allowed to practice kitesurfing almost on every beach, which indicates that you have to take the utmost respect for other beach users, whether they are on the sand or in the water.

Where to learn kitesurfing in Vietnam

The truth is that, in fact, the wind is who really decides where it is more convenient to learn or practice kitesurfing, depending on where in Vietnam you are and the wind direction that your beach receives on the season you have chosen to visit the country.

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In general, there is more wind in southern Vietnam than in the north of the country. With the cold season in the south and central Vietnam, the wind in the winter months starts from mid-October or early November and runs through March being the wind in mid Vietnam more unpredictable and unstable that in the southern part of the country.

Winter and summer winds in Vietnam

These are the months in which, due to the wind direction and the absence of rain, this part of Vietnam offers the best time to learn and practice kitesurfing, both in terms of intensity and orientation of the winds.

Between April and mid-October is considered the wet season, is when the rain is more frequent, which does not necessarily mean that it rains every day.
It is possible to learn or practice kitesurfing during these months, but the direction of the wind tends to be the opposite direction of the winter months.

This must be taken into account. Never go sailing in offshore conditions and be very careful with possible storms and preferably avoid kitesurfing in stormy weather.

In the following link you can read about what to expect in different parts of Vietnam regarding the weather during the four seasons of the year



Which is the ideal spot in Vietnam for kitesurfing?

In a previous post on our blog we already talked about this topic. You can access through the following link to see more details about it

Best kitesurfing spots in Vietnam

If we have preferred Vung Tau as the ideal kitespot, it is due to the combination of factors: mild and intermediate wind conditions, with an average of 5 to 8 days of strong wind during the months of November to April.

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And the freedom to choose between kitesurfing in waves or on flat water, which at low tide and when it comes to teaching our students this is a great advantage.

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There are two beaches in Vung Tau, their names are: Bai Truoc and Bai Sau, the second, Bai Sau is where our kiteboarding lessons take place.

The city of Vung Tau offers a variety of hotels, bars and restaurants.

There are 3 hills where you can enjoy beautiful views of the city of Vung Tau, Ho May Park is the highest one, there’s a thematic part and you acceed through a cable car, the second famous hill has the Christ Statue, and on the third hill there’s the Vung Tau Lighthouse.

If you prefer, you can enjoy the sea breeze and simply stroll along the promenade of the city or the central park, where young people and families meet and enjoy their leisure time.

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Vung Tau is a popular tourist destination, both for Vietnamese, most of them living in Saigon, also from other cities of Vietnam as well as tourists and travelers of many different nationalities.

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Under this lines we invite you to check a list of the most interesting things to do in Vietnam, other than learning kitesurfing, of course.

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