Kitesurfing lessons vietnam – The deathloop

Kitesurfing lessons vietnam – Beware with the deathloop!

One of the most undesirable and frightening kitesurfing scenarios is the deathloop.  In this blog post:  Kitesurfing lessons vietnam – The deathloop  we will study this situation and see in detail how and why the deathloop can happen

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   The deathloop is not a normal situation, in general not to be expected, but still possible. We will see in the next lines why this is happening, what could happen and what is the best procedure to do if that happens.

One of the side lines of the kite will suddenly receive all the tension while the other side line will lose all the tension,

The tension in both lines must be shared between the two side lines, but not so that the difference in tension goes from all to zero. This can happen intentionally or accidentally.

The deathloop

If the loop is intentional it is called a kiteloop. A kiteloop is one of the most common maneuvers practiced for the kiters who prefer the modality of kite surfing freestyle.

If this happens inadvertently, this can develop in what is called deathloop

This is described as a set of continuous kiteloops, which usually cause the kite to twist around the side line that has the whole tension.

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More or less in the same way that a fan works.
It is easy to understand that this is a very dangerous situation.

In general, this situation occurs when one of the lines is involuntarily entangled in one end of the kitebar.

This can also happen when one of the briddles is tangled around one of the ends of the kite.

Another reason can be when two kites cross their lines by accident and therefore the kites are uncontrolable, especially if both kiters activate their quick release.

In this case is a great danger not only for the person being pulled by the kite but also for anyone who is downwind.

Holding the lines with your hands is very risky because the lines can cause terrible cuts on the hands or other body parts.  In any case if you were pulled brutally by the kite is very dangerous as you can most probably crash against some obstacle on your way.

Obviously, the danger is not just for the person who is attached to the kite
but also for all people who are downwind, where this situation takes place.

How to react and take the right and quick decision?

This situation of the death loop pass is very complicated.
Once the kite begins to loop without control, there is almost no way to stop it.
When the kite is looping around itself, according to the wind force, the situation can be bad, very bad or terribly bad.
Nobody will stop the kite from looping!

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Unless the kite destroys itself against a wall or a tree crash, a person can not keep the kite from looping and no one should risk stopping it.  The kite would hit the person and harm her.

Remember that the person who is being pulled can be seriously injured or even killed.

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What is to be done in such cases? … Not much, in fact, if you have time, use a cord cutter.

kitesurfing lessons vietnam lines cutter

And … I know, you feel bad if you have to cut the lines, but otherwise the consequences can be terrible.

What’s on the video is a very dangerous situation in which a kite gets into what is called  a death loop

Überleben der Deathloop

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