Our kitesurfing school  is operative all year round, being between the months from mid September to mid of April, coinciding with the dry wind season, the best period for the best wind direction and wind force  in Southern Vietnam.


The foundations when learning kitesurfing depends on the correct choice in regards to several important issues so that this results will be the most suitable conditions for success.

The wind and sea conditions, shallow, flat water and no waves provides the best field to benefit your kitesurfing learning.

The kite equipment and the method in which the lessons are based, is, with with the aforementioned, what will make you succeed more fluently and easily in your final goal.

In our kitesurfing school, during the 9-hour course which can be taken at your choice, between 2 and 3 days of practice, you will start to stand up on the kiteboard on your first waterstarts and ride the first meters in both directions.


Our kite courses program it’s focused on providing our kite students with the knowledge that will make them a prepared and efficient kitesurfer.

Our goal is to teach and make you enjoy the sport of kitesurfing in the safest possible way, during your stay and oractices in Vung Tau – Vietnam and also once you will return to your country.

Our kitesurfing lessons take place with the kitesurfing products www.flysurfer.de
Maximum guarantee of safety and success


Your kitesurfing learning includes an initial brief but important part of theory
with detailed information for the correct understanding of the efficient use of the kite.  This is the part that will provide you with the tools to transfer your commands efficiently to the kite through  precise and correct movements you are going to learn to produce on the kite bar.

Right after this theory part we will start with our practices firstly on the beach sand  and further, once learned and gained control of the kite into the water, approximately 80 per cent of the 3 hours lesson.



The price of the lessons is 120 euros  or 3.200.000 Vietnamese Dongs for one day / 3 hours lessons
Wisely, you can enjoy our special 3 days discount price, only 300 euros  or 8.000.000 Vietnamese Dongs for the full course of 9 hours by contacting the school as soon as possible, also to program your lessons in the day and time more suitable for the best outcome.

Private lessons 50 euros or 1,300,000 Vietnamese dong per hour



Gradually you’ll be gaining control of the kite, correcting handling mistakes on the kite bar while going through different kite sizes.

In a following state we will begin with the practice of bodydrag, where the kite should drags us as we learn to control this power which offers your kite while you start by floating over the water and therefore get being dragged forward.

In a next step we proceed to positioning ourselves on the kitesurfing board and once we achieve and familiarize with the body and legs position, we will begin with the first waterstart and the first navigation rides.  This process might last generally 9 hours

During the last stage of our kite course we will start navigating in both directions and afterwards to familiarize learning our first kitesurfing upwind rides.

vietnam-kiteschool Vung-Tau flysurfer kites-January kite-course



1.-  communication -the kite receive your commands efficiently-
2.- power -we find how to produce power on the kite steering-
3.- transfer -we send the needed amount of  power from the kite to the board-
4.- first waterstarts -we stand up on the board and ride the first meters-
5.- ride progression -we kitesurfing in both directions-

A view of our new flat water kitespot for your first waterstart



1. Wind and meteorology

2. How does the kite work

3. How to prepare the kite

4. How to start and land the kite

5. Technique on the kite bar control

6. Bodydrag

7. Relaunch the kite from the water

8. Waterstart

9. First kite rides and self-rescue

10. Learn riding against wind


We offer also advanced kite lessons  for people which are already able to have their first navigation sessions but in need of perfectioning their kitesurfing technique, can substantially improve their riding skills and furthermore their first steps in the jumping technique.

high jump 25 knots vung Tau Vietnam advanced kitesurfing lessons