The kitespot Vung Tau – Vietnam

The  kitespot Vung Tau – Vietnam

Is  Vung Tau – Vietnam the best kite spot of Vietnam?

Would it be too arrogant to declare the best kite-spot in Vietnam this or that place?
Which should be the reasons to declare it the best kite spot?
Is it just a matter of wind?  Is this just wind what counts?

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Are all winds or all wind intensities of equal value?   It’s just wind what really scores to say: this is the best kite-spot?   To that and to a few more questions we are going to try to answer on this kite blog entry.

An earlier kite blog entry, talked about the best-known kite spots of Vietnam  Best kitesurfing spots in Vietnam but for some strange reason we still have the feeling that, when we uploaded that small report, in spite of our best intentions to inform well and unbiasedly about the different known kite spots in Vietnam, there was a winner on that list.

We are talking about Vung Tau city.  Needless to enumerate once again the virtues of our kite spot as this website makes it clear.   Everyone has the right to think otherwise and prefer any other Vietnam kite spot as its favorite, be this Mui ne, Phan Rang, Phu Quy or any other.

If we prefer Vung Tau to base our kite school it is due to several reasons:

1.- It is very affordable, the beach is great, long and wide.

2.- It is not a type of beach with a slope on the shore, which would give way to a nasty shorebreak, the sort of waves that crash right on shore.

In Bai sau beach – Vung Tau. thanks of being a shallow beach,  waves break gently, before arriving to shore,giving way to a long space between waves.

This are gently breaking waves along the beach plus, at the beach end, we have the large calms water kite spot when beach meets the river mouth.

3.- In the water, during the good wind season you can expect to have  4 or 5 kiters , sometimes you will be the only guy in the water, to perhaps 10 or 12 kiters on weekends, plus the further you move towards the river mouth the less people on the beach, being this last part of it all to yourself.

4.- Let aside that Vung Tau is a panoramic coastal city of 350.000 inhabitants, with a quite reasonable street traffic madness if compared with other Vietnamese cities, which enjoys a gentle breeze from October until April.

Definitely, wind is not as strong as it is in Muine, and far less windy than the 5 stars kite spot Phan Rang, or the lately more and more popular kite spot of Phu Quy  island, but still there are more advantages as a whole than disadvantages.

And here we upload some photos of any day kite-session with some friends just to adorn this blog entry.
We wait for you at Vung Tau.

Good winds to everyone wherever you choose to go.

1 waiting for the wind - kite school in Vietnam
Waiting for wind Vung Tau kite school. It seems that not, not today.
A local beauty looking at the sea.

2 ramps at Vung Tau kitesurfing beach in November
Some beach kitesurfing action at the end of Vung Tau beach in an average December day

3 kitesurfing in Vung Tau Flysurfer Speed 5

Riding towards the beach/Flysurfer Speed 5 model, size 9 meters – kitesurf in Vietnam

2a kiteboarding in Vietnam - best kitespot Vung Tau
Nice ramps in 20 knots of East wind – Bai Sau beach Vung Tau

5 learn kitesurfing in your Asia holidays in Vietnam in January
a Polish kitesurfer riding towards the beach on his kite holidays in Vung Tau

6 kitesurfing in 20 knots in Vietnam best kitespot in March
View from the beach in 20 knots of gentle winds in Vietnam

7 Vung Tau best spot to learn kitesurfing in February in Vietnam
In the back, at the other side of the river bank is Long Hai – wind in Vietnam

8 the river mouth flat water kitespot - Vung Tau kitesurfing

9 a group of kiters blasting in Vung Tau wave spot in March
The kite session extends for 3 hours and the small group of kiters enjoys it – Vung Tau kitesurfing

10 kitesurfing school Vung Tau best wind in Vietnam
This is the part of the deserted beach near the river mouth – Vung Tau kitesurfing scene.  A couple more kiters join us during our December kite session at Vung Tau kite spot. One of them gets a big air.

11 from behind the kite bar Flysurfer Speed 5 in January
One last shot from behind the Flysurfer Speed 5 of 9 meters and towards the beach – Vietnam kite session in December


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