At the end of your kitesurfing course in Vietnam

At the end of your kitesurfing course in Vietnam

Once you have finished, at the end of your kitesurfing course with the kite school kitesurfing lessons Vietnam, you should know that the fact of being able to conclude with some rides on the board at the end of your kitesurfing course does not necessarily mean that you are ready to kitesurf on your own and in any conditions.

The sport of kitesurfing, is a set of rules and situations that must be controlled and respected.  That takes necessarily some time. Choose an empty space where to train with your kite.

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You will know how to kitesurf, when you know perfectly all the safety rules and always respect them, when you know how and where to prepare your kite equipment, launch your kite safely and enter the water.

You have to be always in control of all around you, also to know how far you can ride and how and where you will return to land.  Choose always the right size of kite according to the wind force and ultimately, be independent with full knowledge of all what you do.


Your kitesurfing course in Vietnam

Think that once in the water, there may be no second chances, since what you really have is you and your knowledge, therefore, never underestimate situations, and in case of doubt, especially when the wind is strong, do not take unnecessary risks.

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During your kitesurfing lessons you will have the opportunity to contact other students in our kite school, some advanced kitesurfers or beginners, like yourself and so, you can share advice, opinions and take advantage of the company and help of other fellow kitesurfers who are already navigating and / or who practicing with you.

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Basic requirement:  SECURITY  Remember this sentence: “You are the one that chooses and your decisions will affect always in the first place to yourself”


Always choose the right conditions, especially the place where you will navigate and the wind intensity appropriate to your level.

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The sport of kitesurfing is not difficult and in principle anyone can learn with the correct instruction, although it is of vital importance to be properly oriented, both in the control and technique of the kite as well as in the first bodydrags, waterstarts and first kitesurfing rides on your kiteboard.

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The right instruction and the right decisions is what will make you more efficient, safer and a better kitesurfer

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