The wind window on kitesurfing

The wind window

On this blog entry we are going to talk about the wind window. To understand the following it is very important, for your safety and also for your efficiency

kite school Vung Tau - the wind window

The wind window concept is intended to explain the trip which the kite takes from one side, the right, by instance, towards the other side, the opposite, that is, in that case, the left

This trip of the kite from side to side it is what is known as “the wind window” and once it is understood that, we must handled our kite well and carefully, in order to avoid losing the kite control, perhaps slamming the kite or even being dragged by it

To identify the wind direction, we will look forward to where the wind comes from and with graceful twists of our head, facing left and right alternately, we will realize after a moment in one of our ears, we do not notice air, and then, as we turn the head in the opposite direction, it is the other side’s ear on our face where we are not feeling any wind

Repeating this movement we will see as our nose it is pointing the real direción where the wind comes

Recognized this point and drawing with your finger a line that points in the direction of the arriving wind, crossing another line also drawn with the same finger before crossing the path of the previous line and, extending both arms to the sides of the body, this imaginary line indicates the wind window, as shown on the image under these lines

2 the power zone, kitesurfing lessons vietnam kite school

Once you have made clear to yourself this matter, everything which is in front of us is the power zone, or put it another way, as the kite goes forward on that imaginary circle traced over our heads there will begin our real problems because, at different speeds and in different degrees of drag, depending how fast and how long will be that trip, we’ll get catapulted forward, most often brutally


The Waterstart

We should note that if we are expecting to start riding towards the left, we should temporarily park the kite about two to send it until 11 or even until 10,30, the more carefully as possible, since we will receive great amount of power

If intending to get up on the kiteboard towards the right, then the path of the kite should go from 11 until 2, 30, that means: the same distance as before but towards the other side of the wind window

3 the waterstart, kitesurfing lessons vietnam kite school


Riding upwind

And once already underway, it is important to know that if we are fanning the kite between 9 and a half to 11, or if you park it, because the wind which is filling the kite it is offering us enough power, the closer to 9, 30 we keep the kite, the more upwind angle we will manage to handle

4 the ride upwind, kitesurfing lessons vietnam kite school

… and obviously the same result on the other side of the wind window, that is between 1 and 2,30

In other words, the higher the kite on the wind window the less we will be able to edge and therefore to get upwind, while, the lower the kite on the wind window, the more we will be able to edge and the more upwind we will ride

In the following links we can enjoy several YouTube videos with more precise details

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