How to waterstart in kitesurfing

How to waterstart in kitesurfing

In the following lines we are going to see how to waterstart. Waterstart in kitesurfing is this awaited step in which, finally, we will stand up on our kiteboard and we will start riding

Prerequisites to a waterstart

Learning to waterstart can be a complicated thing if you are not really aware of the different successive steps in the process

1) All the different movements with the kite bar must be learnt precisely. There’s not point into trying to waterstart unless you have learn the different steps to control your kite and to get the desired amount of power, to be able to pass this power through your body to the kiteboard

2)  You must be able to relaunch your kite from the water in case it falls

3)  You must be able to kitesurf back to the beach, if not riding, at least by practicing bodydrag

4)  In case of trouble, you must know how to self-rescue. If unable to return neither kitesurfing nor bodydraging, wind up your lines and through the self rescue technique, get with all your equipment safely to the beach

5)  Never kitesurf so far as you wouldn’t be able to return to the beach swimming

0 positioning on the kiteboard

1 ready for wasserstart

2 and up you go, kitesurfing in Vung Tau


Waterstart in 8 steps

1.-  Bring your kite to the 12 hour position and keep it there.

2.- Hold the kiteboard with the other hand.

3.- Put the kiteboard in front of you as quickly as possible.

4.- Preferably, keep both legs stretched to keep the board in front of you

5.- Put the kite in the opposite direction that you are planning to go

6.- Send the kite quickly to the direction in which you want to go

7.- When you feel the pull of the kite,  stand up and point the kiteboard downwind

8.- Start applying pressure on the heel side of your back leg and keep stretched your front leg


One of our kitesurfing students in our kite spot Vung Tau – Vietnam
on his third day of lessons


Kitesurfing technique on waterstart

And next, a couple of links on YouTube about more technique to help you on your waterstart


One of our students on his third day of lessons
Hamza waterstart

Finally, we are uploading this entry on our kitesurfing blog, thanks that we have been able to rescue the photos which our kite teacher took while our student, Hamza, was starting with his waterstart and first rides

1 Hamza-Dansk-kitesurfing-skolor Asociacion Aprende a Navegar

2 Hamza-practicing-kitesurfing

4 riding after kite lessons with Vung Tau kite school

Unfortunately, the file with contained the pictures had been erased by mistake but we managed to recover these images today, so we bring them here

8 learn kitesurfing Ho Chi Minh kite beach

10 learn kitesurfing - Vung Tau kite spot Vietnam

We apologize to our friend Hamza for the delay posting his photos and we hope that he will continue to move forward on its kitesurfing progression.

Congratulations! … and until your next visit to our Vung Tau kite-club, Asociacion Aprende a Navegar

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