Preparing the kite and connect it to the lines

Preparing the kite and connect it to the lines

How to prepare the kite for launching and how to launch and land a kite tube.   Preparing the kite and connections to the lines are factors of capital importance.

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We must be trained to carefully unwind the kite lines and connect them to the kite.   A tube kite once is prepared and the lines connected, it must be launched and landed on the wind window at an angle of 90 degrees with respect to the wind

   In this process, in our kitesurfing school in Vung Tau – Vietnam, it is very important the preparation of the lines, oriented properly and attached to the kite

Preparing the kite and connect it to the lines

It is better, in the first place to extend the lines in the sand and later pump the kite. By doing all in this order we will avoid the kite to be under the sun unnecessarily.   And the same thing when we end our kite session. First thing, pack your kite and store it off the sun rays, then roll the lines and always in that order, for the same reason.

How to prepare your kite for launch

UV sun rays damage the fabric of the kite, we should always avoid leaving the kite under the sun when we are not using it.
But now let’s go back to when we are extending the kite lines, by doing this we can do this in two different ways

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Preparing the kite and connect it to the lines

The first way is to unwind the lines in such way that the bar will be upwind and the kite downwind. The other way is to leave the kite upwind and unwind the lines from upwind to downwind, in that case the bar will stay downwind of the kite.

Only when all is attached and the kite secured with some sand on top of its leading edge, then we will pump the air into the kite. In any case, whether we we chose the first method or the second, make sure that you don’t do mistakes when you connect the lines and cross them.

Side lines go to the attachment points on the ends of the kites and central lines attached properly to the briddles in the central part of the kite.


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We have to check and make sure that the kite briddles are not crossed or entangled.  If, unadvertedly the briddles of the kite are not in the correct position we will experience on the kite bar a big difference in the side lines when in fact the difference it is due to the briddles where we attach the central lines being bad placed


We should bring down the kite and correct the mistake.  It must be clear that attaching the lines to the kite it is a matter that requires all our attention and making a mistake can heve very bad consequences.

Once all it is connected properly, please, check it all over again, center lines to the bridles, bridles  should be clearly without twist or not properly placed and side lines to the side attachments near the tips of the kite.  Make sure that all lines are attached at the same distance  and in the correct knots and then we can say that we are ready to lift the kite.

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Once in the air, if the kite is in zenith or 12h in the wind window, its traction is almost 0.   If we start moving the kite from one side to the other, we will start to  create traction.

When the kite moves in the wind window, the larger the movement, the greater the traction
And on the contrary, the higher the kite is in the wind window and the shorter the path, the less traction.

During the movements with the kite bar which sends the wing from one side to the other of the wind window, we must be very careful, recalling that more tension in the kite-bar will cause the kite to move faster and will create more drag

All movements by steering the kite must be smooth,  and careful until we have a good control of our kite until we achieve the necessary technique.

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