Kitesurfing winter destination Vietnam -part I-

Kitesurfing winter destination Vietnam

This is going to be the first entry of two.  Its name: kitesurfing winter destination Vietnam

I have been feeling ill the last days. This diabolic air conditioned, which I am not connecting so often … mmm … but I did once … yeah,  and, it was enough to put me in bed for having catching a damn cold.

   So, after passing from the bed to the chair in front of the PC and from the chair to the bedroom window, to look down at the beach, again …

Something inside makes me think about some sort of Course Race triangle: Bed, chair, window …  Bed, chair, window … I have to admit that I need some action, even though it may be not so good idea after all, as I am not feeling yet really cured

Down in the street, tree branches are moving happily, therefore, this is an evident sign that wind is blowing!

What to do now? wind is blowing but I am not in full shape, in fact I am not in half shape neither. That is the question: To be or not to be!

Shall I start running downstairs and across the road to reach the beach and prepare frantically my kite stuff or … shall I remain in bed … or sitting on that chair or watching the wind and the waves from the window while I mourn behind this glass …

After all, all those poor kite fellows back there in Mallorca are not having not even a bit of wind … for what the spanish weather forecast says …
Well … let be it in their honor at least! …


banderas kitesurfing Vietnam Flysurfer Sonic 11 mts at Vung Tau kite beach

The flag, the big red one, the one of the star, and the other coloured flags that have been placed on the square next to the beach a few days ago, are moving with joy, should I say …

that,  if I am watching from the other window, the one that allows me to see – partially, ok- enough beach scene to realize that yes,  wind is blowing and waves are rolling happily towards the beach


Kitesurfing winter destination

What am I doing here after all? kitesurfing winter destination means I am here to kitesurf. Far far away in Mallorca it is winter and though surely there are no penguins on the streets I am certain that the weather is not inviting to get on the sea, right?

Therefore … vamos! arriba!, up and let’s get into business!. What kind of chicken am I?

I carefully follow all the steps of the protocol of disguise myself for an standar kitesurfing session: gloves, lycra, helmet, harness, face cover mask, dark glasses, cream on the lips and protector on the nose -the part of the nose that shows over the mask, which is not much to say the truth, nose and cheekbones … in case something escapes the sun … and the vest, oh yes! my newly prepared foto vest.

This time, this last one, after several fruitless attempts to put the camera attached in the middle of the vest, so it will catch all the action in front of me when, by instance I will catch a wave and ride it mercilessly or when

saltando Vietnam kiteschool Vung Tau flysurfer kites December

… I will take the ramp of a “ready to break” wave and I will fly high and shamelessly up in the sky … with the foto camera adjustment invention that I have badly sewn, in total precarious way and with what it was at hand, which was not much … with the only idea of trying to record the kite action…

… record this time without having to take the camera with one hand, which limits very much the hardcore manoeuvres I will perform when I’ll be kitesurfing.    Let’s see if the vest-camera invention really works.


the lifevest kitesurfing recording device Vietnam Vung Tau wind and waves December


Kitesurfing winter destination Vietnam   -part I-

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