Kitesurfing winter destination Vietnam   -part II-

Kitesurfing winter destination Vietnam

Down on the beach, right in front of the hotel, finally there’s low tide … and slowly rising. Is this the moment to go downstairs and have a try?

   Second part of our kite story. Kitesurfing winter destination: Vietnam   -part II-
No problem by this side , it would not make sense that my first kitesurfing session after my days with fever and cold, laying in bed would be with medium almost high tide, isn’t it?, so, why take unnecessary risks?

The wind was actually not so strong as it seemed from up there, behind my window.  Down on the beach the breeze blows 12 knots, sometimes a bit more, but in fact, a bit up and a bit down again, from 12 to barely 8 knots.

I am convalescent and I hardly can feel my legs, I am not feeling strong but I owed that to myself, apart from a terrible aphonia and with little ease to breathe, because my lungs are still affected by the recent illness.

All that meaning that I should not fall into the water, not me …neither the kite because, the possibility to have to be forced to water relaunch my race kite it’s anything that I would not really like to experience because it is anything but easy, therefore, nothing strange please.

I extended my Flysurfer  Sonic FR 18 mts, I start to fill it offering the front edge to the wind …  while a young Vietnamese man has arrived slowly on a motorcycle, through the sand,  has stopped the machine, descended and …  it is clear that he’s noticing me, me,  and my magnificent  black and electric green kite …

For what it seem  he wants to collaborate.  As I keep filling the kite, my new friend, ventures to touch the bridles, investigating in its ignorance.

I ask him: do you speak english? …

He makes with his hand that gesture which is like saying goodbye with his open fingers and moving his hand quickly in both directions. He’s not saying goodbye, he is trying to tell me no, he does not understand anything.

Alright. I will make some use of your generously offered help.

The divine illumination comes to me at once. As I am filling the kite while I am standing on the upwind tip and it is almost full, I call him with my hand: come here!  and I show him how to occupy my place and stand over the kite’s tip


Right!    I already have the guy entertained, making the human anchor and feeling important, that is what he came for.   These guys are amazing, they would fight each other just to be able to help in whatever you will ask them.
After all, having him busy I don’t need to dig sand and place it on the kite tip,  I have him!

I extend the lines, all is good, without crossings, I carefully check that there is no accumulated sand on the pulleys,  I give the helper the last instructions, from which he should understand that when I make the gesture with my hand as: back off!    He should step back with a gracious leap back and releases the kite from his own weight, so, and in the certainty that I he has understood everything, I go to the kite bar, attach myself and prepare for kite launching


I connect the leash, I walk a little towards the 90 degrees angle, I make the gesture, the fellow jumps backwards  and … up it goes!

No weird stuff, no nasty unwanted surprises this time, the kite tip resists a little to open but with a few energetic pulls at no more than 5 meters from the floor, the tip opens without further problem … and … for the water I go!


Kitesurf from here … for those who are there


The rest of the story can be seen, partly, in the two videos that I have self shot with my new invention of camera / chest.
The sailing lasted something like half an hour or a bit longer … and I stopped kitesurfing because there was barely enough wind and  also because I was tired like a dog on a highway, and that was it! … the best I could do …


Also, I think this time, as the camera was protected from the wind with my body, some comments I’ve made while kiting may have been audible into the videos, that is,  recorded live!



Ok, my far away Mallorca kite friends, that is my report for today …

So that you can see about me and keep me in your thoughts.
Ah!  and … Good luck this weekend, as, for what I have seen on Windfinder, it seems that it is going arrive some wind from Northeast in Mallorca.

Go to Pollensa Bay with 9, and 12 mts kites, just in case.

Bye everyone and tell me later how was your kite session …

Kitesurfing winter destination Vietnam   -part II-

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