Kitesurfing when the wind begins to fall

Kitesurfing when the wind begins to fall

Sometimes you encounter a situation when you are in the water and the wind starts to fall. Then, be aware that you don’t have enough wind to kite surf and react as soon as possible

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You can try different techniques to get back to shore. Consider also that the less time you are into the water, the better chances to don’t get hypothermia

Techniques to go back to shore

If the wind drop seems temporary, that means, just a short while, you have to drop your body back into the water, and edge the windward rail on the kiteboard

2 When the wind drops

Your body and the kiteboard will create some resistance so that you can minimize your drifting away.

If it seems that the wind won’t come back, try to ride downwind if that’s the only way to get to the beach again

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Bend your knees and move your body closer to the center of your board. Move, your kite by steering it as much as possible left and right to produce some downwind pull

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By doing this steering you should use by the control of the kite chance, the maximum to produce more power and that should slowly approach you towards the shore being very careful to not drop the kite into the water

5 learn to self rescue in kite course in Vung Tau

If in your area, the wind can frequently slow down, it is a good idea it is a good idea to use longer lines up to 40 Mts.

Longer lines should give you the necessary power when the wind is scarce though you have to consider that the longer the lines, the slower in the wind window will be your steering

self rescue by deflating a bit your kite

In case you are unable to fly your kite and fall from the sky, roll the lines on the kite bar and take the kite tips with both hands to use it like a sail, try rescuing yourself back to the shore

7 somebody watching you from the beach

It is a good idea to have someone watching you from the beach while you are kitesurfing. In case something may go wrong.

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