How to relaunch a Flysurfer foil kite

How to relaunch a Flysurfer foil kite

In this blog entry we are going to talk about how to proceed to relaunch a kite foil Flysurfer when it has fell on the water

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The first photo shows how the kite become positioned once it fell

2 kite relaunch kite school Vung Tau

In that case the most important thing is not allow water get into the kite, but we have notice that this would not happen accidentally
Because the fabric of this kite on our blog entry is a Speed 4 size 8 meters standard model, which is coated and is very water repellent

Therefore, water will not get into the kite unless the kite would be laying on its leading edge and you would pull the center lines towards yourself as this is the only way in which water could get in

3 kite relaunch method Vung Tau kite lessons

According to the second photo, what should be done is to pull one of the steering lines. This would make the kite to turn into the side of the wind window of the side line we are pulling from

4 kite relaunch gradually Vietnam kiteschool

The kite turns and fall backwards, which makes the kite to offer automatically towards the wind the right profile to, aerodynamically and just by itself, start to launch without further help

In other words, it relaunches by itself.  If we want to help during this process, we should just pull the central lines and give a couple of pulls, this will accelerate the self launching process

5 kite relaunch the kite is on the air again

Now the kite lifts up towards the zenith. We can observe how the kite flies upwards and we can, with our hands on the kite bar, keep control of the kite in case it moves towards one or the other side of the wind window, but if that happens we should slowly correct it

6 kite relaunch and control from the kite bar

Basically, we have seen in the different photos the procedure to apply to proceed to relaunch the kite from the water.

Being a foil type kite, being aerodynamic, very light, its weight being distributed more efficiently than an inflatable type kite and taking into account that the bar of the kite during the process should be up, trying not to pull towards us, relaunch is not a problem

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