Kitesurf in the waves – Nazaré

Kitesurf in the waves – Nazaré

Since the origins of kitesurfing, some people have considered the possibility of sailing with a kite, the biggest waves on the planet. This blog entry it is one of them.

kitesurfing in VietnaM - Nazare waves in Portugal

When this word, Nazaré, is heard, it immediately brings to mind the Christian religion … Jesus of Nazareth.
But no, there is another Nazaré, a small town in Portugal half an hour’s drive from Lisbon.

The beach is huge, like almost all the beaches in Portugal, the water is cold and there it is where we find the famous internationally renowned wave that forms on the other side of the right cliff of the beach.


The wave is considered to be perhaps the most important in Europe
and even the largest in the world under certain favorable sea conditions.


In the wave of Nazaré have made contests, but this mini blog entry is about kitesurfing, because a kitesurfer has surfed the wave, and of course, it must be done the inevitable honors


Nuno “STRU” Figueiredo


… and there we have our man, Nuno with his kite in his hands …

A Portuguese kiter, Nuno “STRU” Figueiredo, Best kiter of Best Kiteboarding who was the first kiter to sail in the giant waves of Nazaré.

The photos speak for themselves …

7-the wave view from the top of the cliff
the wave seen from the top of the cliff

The wave and the beauty … The same view of the waves … the wave is a wall over 15 meters high

5- the wave, Nazaré is a 15 mts wall
the wave is a wall over 15 meters high

18 the-wave-forming-view-from-the-crest
the wave forming a view from the ridge

19 and-these-things-end-up-taking-a-glass-of-wine

and now, as usual … these things end with a sardinhas and a glass of wine in a bar in the area

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