Kitesurfing luggage – Travel wisely

Kitesurfing luggage – Travel wisely

Travel wisely, intelligently!
Your kitesurfing luggage should be one of your first concerns in order to succeed on your kite trips abroad


There we have it … who has never thought about it:
Any day, I take a plane and fly away on a kitesurfing trip. Thoughts that usually take place in winter, mostly.

Why? … Well, easy.  Nobody enjoys to get into a 5mm neoprene suit to kitesurf
Why be forced to fight bad weather and cold water ,under the risk of falling into acute hypothermia when in other parts of the globe, most probably, the crew is kitesurfing in a shorty or just a lycra or even bare chest …

kitesurfing luggage

Then, after those mental speculations that inevitably take hold of you as weather change and autumn starts looking more as winter, is when you begin to repeat the mantra unwittingly ,until you end up not being able to think about anything else.

What am I doing here? Wasting my lifetime when I could be somewhere else more tropical like and much more appealing than under this boring cloudy sky.

This thoughts go on and on after endless days at the office, and later, once you are back home, when one more or less you have finished with all the tasks of the day and can give free pass to your imagination.

Moments in which, usually, you find yourself in front of the PC, then is when you are closer to take the decision and buy the plane ticket … thinking where , when, and especially how, I mean … how to pay for it …

kiteboarding in Vietnam best aeroline price

And that’s when one day -or night- you find this flight deal, take your credit card, trash it buying the dreamed trip and get this airplane ticket to wherever, … mmm … maybe Vietnam, to do kitesurfing which is what you really like.

This fills you with positive energy and after all, this is why it worths to live.

So, the long-awaited date arrives, you make the luggage and that’s when you start to notice that all this weighs much more than you first had thought, too much weight, far, far too much.

The fact is that your kite gear is the problem.  It not just weighs too much -a little less than a piano- while it doesn’t occupy that much space … but almost.

And this is when you realize that you’re going to get screwed at the airport when you will check-in.

Is there any hope that the soulless bastard at the check in counter, when he will lay his eyes on your board bag with all your junk, this bulk of suspicious dimensions carrying your dear kitesurfing gear, will feel any sympathy or even a bit of mercy?

best luggages option for kitesurfing gear

No. There’s no chance, don’t expect any mercy from the aeroline guy at the counter. Don’t neither even dream about it.

Open your mind. Envision the moment and, hopelessly, take a look back and forth in the queue at the counter. You’re the one who has it bigger … I mean the biggest possibility that he will crush you.

And there you are, with the face of:  it wasn’t me, looking to the ground with a more than guilty face, while the guy behind the desk ask you with an enquiring look but almost with tenderness: What are you carrying here Sir? … and, that was. Nobody can save you from the brutal and pittyless economic charge.

kitesurfing gear for travelling Vietnam kitesurfing lessons

Then is when you realize that you should had better dedicate your interest to, by instance, chess, which although much less adrenalinic, with a chessboard and some small almost weightless chess pieces, travelling by plane it shouldn’t be any problem. Life’s a bitch, isn’t it!

That’s why we are here in life … to learn. Now, look at my kite stuff well:
Yes, the photo under these lines is the one of my kitesurfing luggage.
The photo taken in front of my hotel in Vietnam – Vung Tau, as I had just landed.

kitesurfing luggage - Travel wisely

Description of the luggage

To the right, in an upright position, my hand luggage.

Inside it, the 18 Flysurfer Sonic with bar and  also some clothes, and … on top of the cabin suitcase, my folded jacket, in case it gets cold on the plane. Weight: about 9 kgs, maybe a few more grams but not too many

Down on the ground, on the left, the folded golf bag -full size 135 cms, folded just 75 cms- which holds the split flysurfer kiteboard of 134×41 cms in two parts.

Sonic kites kitesurfing luggage - Travel wisely

Also my other two kites, the Flysurfer Sonic kite of 15 meters, and the Flysurfer Speed 9 meters and some other personal stuff, the harness, the shorty neoprene, some more clothes and another kite bar, some kite spare parts, kite lines, etc. Weight, 24 kgs.

splitboard 134x41 flysurfer kitesurfing luggage - Travel wisely

And as the last piece of luggage, the pc bag with the pc, two portable hard disks and a couple of t-shirts.

Yes my friend.  Learn to travel intelligently and get the right kitesurfing equipment.  A splitboard is almost a must for traveling and some type foil kites that are light, as well as being almost indestructible, will help to finish the job.

The kitesurfing luggage – Travel wisely
Here a report about the Flysurfer split boards


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