kitesurfing in Vung Tau – kite cruising session in May

kitesurfing in Vung Tau – kite cruising session in May

Brief explanation of what happened during the second “cruise session” on May 9th
Kite cruising, meaning: travelling in kitesurfing. That is, travelling, not just back and forth without an specific course, which is what most people does when they are kitesurfing

Given the special direction of the wind this day, something completely new, considering that even and given the late wind change of direction this year if compared with previous years, in which this changes already began to take place around mid-March, last May 9th, was the first day of that particular  -but not unpleasant- wind direction.


kite cruising session in May

I started kitesurfing receiving the wind almost 90 degrees from my bow -front part of my board- with the feeling of a loose and uncontracted sailing.

But after a while, it was evident that I was sailing in an almost straight direction, with the nose of my board pointing towards Long Hai, very far in the distance, with its urban core -understanding for the expression: urban core, that we are talking not in high numbers of population but to the town center-  well visible but, due to the great distance, without being able to require many details.

second cruising May 9th 1

Lo and behold, as the navigation unfolded, it was more than evident that I was proceeding at considerable speed and without any obstacle, or, in other words, farther and farther away from the starting point and more than that, increasingly, evidently closer and towards the still distant Long Hai.

It was then when common sense came back to me. Cautión!, Be careful! … because you are right in the middle of nowhere and … beyond that.

Let’s think, let’s think … Oops!   Let’s just turn around! Let’s not provoke luck.
And there I was, in what I think it is called sailing at a broad reach, sometimes almost at a training run, and if this is not the right word, what I mean is: sailing receiving the wind at my 7 pm.

Long, long track, not as comfortable as when I am receiving the wind at a beam reach and neither as fast if in kitesurfing -though perhaps yes if on a sailboat-

points of sailing kite school Vung Tau

I hit the shoreline of my starting point, this time quite more downwards from the point where I first started sailing … and then I kept kitesurfing at close range, sometimes almost at close hauled, for quite some time, until I decided to go back to the reach beam course again.

This time much closer to the coast than on my first ride.  I even greeted a group of children who seemed quite surprised, as they had probably never seen a kite and board, all at a good speed and close to the, at this point, concrete shoreline at what is the tip of Phuoc Tinh.

I kept sailing on that pleasant beam reach for quite some time, about 200 meters away from the shore.  I even met a boy floating inside a blue inflatable ring.   He was right there, floating in the middle of nowhere. As I surpassed him, kitesurfing at good speed, he greeted me with enthusiasm, due to the unusual of the situation.

And there I was, riding fast on a comfortable and happy track, sometimes just 50-100 meters from the -this time actual sandy beach-  And so I followed, until I began to realize that, although I was exactly just alone again in the middle of nowhere, as it had happened on my first track, I was nevertheless really very far from my starting point and approaching Long Hai, inadvertently .. but evidently.

second cruising May 9th 2

So, it was about time to turn around once again. But with it, this time, I had to face a new challenge. I was so far from the original point on the shore, where I started my kitesurfing session, that it was almost impossible to figure out where exactly this point was, adding to the difficulty that this time, I was riding against the sun and its reflection on the sea surface.

I calculated that, rewinding on my mind, what I have done to arrive until there, and what should be needed to return to the original point. Noticing after some pondering on what was happening that I should probably try to keep the sun at my 1 pm, and at the same time, deal the best I could with the short swell direction that, though not challenging, at least sometimes, was becoming a little nasty.

As far as I could imagine, these were my two reference points: sun at 1 pm and waves arriving more or less from 11 pm.   I had to correct the angle several times as, suddenly, I realized that the sun was not at 1 pm anymore, but at 12 am, which means I was probably gaining height or getting involuntarily upwinded from the original beam reach to a slightly close reach.

Add to that, that, a couple of times I wiped out because the swell was coming rather straight in to me instead, than from 11 pm.   However,  and keeping in account this changes, after a long while, I was able to recognize out in the far, at my 10h30 pm, the distant poles which configure the fishin net traps, the ones which are more distant from the shore, and from then on, I knew already where I was, and everything became more familiar.

In short. A funny and pleasant cruising ride, challenging myself and putting at test my orientation sense and my kite skills.

I hope any of this days I can repeat the experience, this time not just on my own but with my good kitesurfing fellows Ha and Tuan.
Perhaps in the old “mother goose, baby goose” game, in that case not one but two baby gooses (them, of course) in which keeping a constant distance between them and myself of at least 100 mts, they should follow me on my tracks, from the beginning of our kitesurfing session and until the end.

asociacion kitesurf in Vung Tau