Best kitesurfing school in Vietnam

Best kitesurfing school in Vietnam

You have received your kite lessons with the best kitesurfing school in Vietnam, progressed and started doing the waterstart and did your first kitesurfing rides in just 2 days.

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Which is the best kitesurfing school? The one with an infrastructure where 30 kiteboards are prepared on his kiteschool equipment racks while waiting for the 30 kitesurfing students who will take them to the beach?

The best kite school is the one in which at the reception, behind the person who will welcome you 60 kite sails are placed on their stands waiting to be taken to the beach and made them ready to fly and fill the sky with their colors?  Where 20 kite monitors, each with his group of students occupy both the beach and the water creating a colorful scene?



No, of course, none of this is true. The best kite school is the one that gives lessons in the best conditions of wind and water, with the right equipment adapted to the wind and with the best teaching method
Learning kitesurf does not depend on  optical details. What you see does not mean that you will learn more effectively.

Only the combination of: free space, no strong wind, calm or flat waters, equipment that reacts with forgiveness to the typical mistakes of the student and a method that goes by the base of why and how a kite flies, how to control it and how to get his power over our advantage will make your choice the right choice. The best kitesurf school

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kitesurfing school in Vung Tau

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Best kitesurfing school in Vung Tau - Ho Chi Minh

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Now, let me start this blog entry with some lines that explain how are connected our ideas and our reactions

In learning kitesurfing, because thoughts do not necessarily arrive one at a time, our brain has to deal with several thoughts at the same time, and these thoughts are probably competing to form a thought and get the prize. Recognition!

During our kitesurf lessons, we must synthesize all the information that our teacher has provided and we must be able to act, immediately, efficiently, very slowly

Our eyes, the most important of our five senses, the vision, source of recognition of all the situations, will not be able to help us … not this time. In fact, this will only delay our ultimate goal: Effectiveness

It’s just one thing, to make our thoughts come on time, and what’s even more difficult, to do everything we have to do in the next 2 seconds … and of course, do it well.   So it’s best to know what will really happen when we look up at kite.

Simply, our brain, will not be able to conclude the real decisions, the most important parts of this process: The immediate and successful metered action that will lead us to success, to navigation, to start moving forward dragged by our veil.

No, the answer to our questions that we will not find looking at the kite, our answer is not written up there. Our answer is the consequence of our previous visualization.

Remember, visualize … what to do next? and … a last look, rewind, put your thoughts in order touch the play button and go! … No distractions … … exactly, precisely, effectively

That’s it, you have! You’ve just got it !, you’ve got up on your kiteboard, and ride forward, moving … magically

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