Vung Tau kitesurfing scene

Vung Tau kitesurfing scene

In the beach of Bai Sau we enjoyed one more day of the great kitesurfing scene in Vung Tau.

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   Today, just the two of us,  David and myself.  Who needs more?  24 knots of wind, appealing water conditions and a lot of empty space, free from other kiters or people in that part of the beach.

I know that to some people this will not sound too attractive. Perhaps they prefer a busy beach, waters where other kiters cross your way – so maybe you can say hello when they cross your path- but not us, David and me we prefer all the beach to ourselves.

The wind was from North East and at noon we had already 18 knots which by 2 pm there were 24 consistent knots.

We rode our motorbikes in middle low tide all the way from Vung Tau until the left end of Bai Sau beach which I must admit it is a relaxing activity. Of course you have to be careful with some pools that the tide left when is receding but it is ok, no much problem with it.

Once we arrived at the end on our trip we prefered to stop one kilometer before the beach end. On this part of the beach there was almost flat water with small waves on the outside sand bank which is of an extension of one kilometer.

Vung Tau kitesurfing scene

No, I said it before and I say it now again. This is not an average kite scene, not the kite scene that you see at any kitespot anywhere.  This is an “special” kite scene, this is “our kitesurfing scene”, the one we like, the one we want, the one which made us travel until here, to kitesurf without stress, without hassle, just you and a friend -this time- sometimes, with a few more friends but that’s it.

Then, on our private kite scene, first I helped David in launching his 6 mts tube kite, saw him departing well powered and after making sure that he was ok and enjoying the kite scene I proceded to prepare my kite.

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2 Bai Sau on the beach with kitesurfing lessons com

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4 winds in Vietnam Vung Tau kite lessons on the beach of Bai Sau.jpg

5 avec la voile de 6 metres a Vung Tau kitesurf scene.jpg

6 vent de nordest a vietnam vung tau kite scene


Flysurfer Speed4 Deluxe

Perhaps I should call my kite: Special edition. No, Flysurfer has not named that way, though with this kite model happened something really special.

It was released in both versions, standar and deluxe and in only two sizes, 8 and 10 mts. The special part of this kite?
Flysurfer passed from 2 pulleys per side to only one pulley per side.

I heard that they also tried to do the same thing with the bigger sizes, but, after some long months of waiting, actually almost one year, that was not possible because it seemed, the bigger kites didn’t performed well.

This was the door that took Flysurfer to decide to release the Lotus models, first, in the big sizes and later in the 8 and 10 meters also. Therefore I beleive I am authorized to state that, in some way, my kite is an “special edition” or I consider it in such way.

Well, so I chosed for the day my flysurfer Speed 4 of 8 mts model deluxe and my splitboard Flyboard of 134×41.
I prepared the kite putting some weight on its upwind tip, unwind the lines, make sure all was ok until the kite bar and inflate the kite with the incoming wind, walk until the bar again and launch it without problem.

7 launch the kite foil flysurfer kite school at Vung Tau.jpg

There are no more photos but the ones we took from each other and this was at the beginning of our kite session or at the end of it. Just a couple of self taken photos and one video because what we really wanted was to enjoy the kite session and have fun, after all the photos were not so important. Don’t you think?

8 flysurfer kite scene in Vung Tau with 24 knots

9 Flysurfer Speed 4 with full speed to the beach in Vung Tau kite ecole.jpg

10 start sailing kite scene in Vung Tau

11 kite scene in Vung Tau kitesurf school in vietnam.jpg

12 kite board flysurfer split 134x41 kite scene in Vung Tau

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