Kitesurfing and kite relaunch.  When we are kitesurfing, it is definitely very important how to know how to relaunch our kite

We have described several times different details about how to relaunch a kite foil type of kite but seldom a tube kite

Now are we going to offer you some tips about how to proceed to relaunch a kite from the water when what we are using is a tube kite


Relaunching tube kites

Tube kites have different shapes and therefore the method to be used to relaunch them can vary depending of which type of kite we are using but basically we could make 3 different groups

Different type of tube kites
Some kites, mostly C shape kites offer a 5th line which it is designed to help re-launching your kite, this type of kites are used mostly by people that like to try freestyle manoeuvres, therefore because of it, are more prone to fall to the water every time you fail on your attempt

That is why this type of kites use to have a fifth line which is attached to the leading edge, this way, when your kite falls, you should pull the fifth line, therefore, the kite will fall backwards and by pulling one side line, the kite will move towards the side end of the wind window and then launch

relaunch from the water a C type kite


Bow and Delta tube kites

Other tube kites, the most of Delta shape kites,  don’t really need the fifth line, due to its shape.  They can move towards the side of the wind window without need to fall backwards

relaunching a tube kite from the water

And the third type of kites are the Bow shaped kites, which they basically turn around themselves in the center of the wind window when we pull one of the side lines, relaunching directly in the power zone

This can obviously involve some risks, if we must launch the kite on the beach or in very shallow waters

If on the beach, consider the distance to the obstacles downwind of our launch area. It is very risky to launch a kite in the full power zone or center of the wind window

If on the water, this risk it is a bit minimized but we must anyway consider that this type of bow kites they have a big depower, then, when the kite finally gets off the water, by leaving the bar go, that is, let both our hands off the bar, the generous depower will allow the kite to launch in almost 180 degrees without much trouble

However,  in any case, if the wind is too strong we should do that quite smoothly in order to avoid a too direct launch in the center of the kite wind window

How to Water Relaunch your Kite in Light Winds

On the adjoined photos we can see which are the 3 different basic steps

kite relaunch tube inflatable type

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