Learn kitesurfing – kite school vietnam

How to learn kitesurfing – kite school vietnam

Learn kitesurfing – kite school Vietnam it is a necessary entry in our kite blog to clarify all the important details that will lead you to success. How difficult can be to learn kitesurfing?

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Our kite school in VietnamVung Tau is here to answer this question, as, evidently it is the first question that comes to your head, once you have decided to take a kitesurfing course and give a chance to the kitesurfing sport.

How difficult can be to learn kitesurfing?

To learn kitesurfing,  in addition to precision, gentle movements transmitted through the kite bar to the kite and immediacy in performing the correct commands, requires an extra very basic detail: memory.

In fact, to be precise, what we need is to avoid getting distracted by looking at the kite.  Yes. Though it may sound weird, is to keep our eyes on the kite what it is going to refrain us from performing the correct movements on the kite bar.

In other words: looking at the kite doesn’t help us to do what we have to do, as looking at the kite, means start drawing conclusions, when in fact, we have barely one second to remember what to do and do it, gently and precisely.


Learning kitesurfing – Kite school Vietnam

Understanding all what it’s going to be described in the following lines is the key to progression and effectiveness.

There is a fact we should understand: Through the whole process during the learning stages on our kite lessons, from the very first moment, requires the acceptance that we are going to be challenged by two main obstacles:

1.- Smoothness in our movements on the kite bar
2.- and avoidance of getting stuck with our eyes up on the kite.

By looking at the kite, we can not mentally reproduce the precise movements we must perform, immediately and smoothly with the kite bar, to achieve our goal. That is: to find power on our kite and transfer this power to our kiteboard.  Not too much power, but enough power to break the inertia and start riding  on top of our kiteboard.

Therefore we need to learn in detail all the sequence of movements with the kite bar and also the different timings between this movements.

The first step is to visualize all of it and memorize it, not just superficially but deeply, in full detail.

The success in the mentioned process is the key to learn kitesurfing effectively,  to waterstart and start our kitesurfing riding.

If instead of it, we get distracted by looking up at the kite, we will found ourselves inside a loop of mistakes which by lack of accuracy and poor timing, will make impossible to find the right way and be able to start riding.

Keep that in mind and memorize the detailed movements needed to be performed on the kite bar and the different timings between this precise movements.

In the following lines we will have the chanced to go through the different learning stages during our kite lessons.

All of them are based in the efficient transmission of our commands to the kite through the precise use of our kite bar.  Read the next lines carefully and understand them well, they are the key of masterization and effectiveness

Precision and timing

1. Communication  with our kite- the kite receives our
commands effectively through the kite bar different movements

Kitesurfing lessons Vietnam send your orders efficiently to the kite

2. Power – we are getting familiar in the
use of the kite and learn how to produce power through the kite bar

Find the force on the kite by kite bar kitesurfing lessons vietnam

3. Transfer – we send the exact amount of
power from the kite to our kiteboard

Flysurfer Kites November kitesurfing beginners kite course

4. Waterstart – we stand up on the kiteboard
and we ride the first meters

waterstart the first meters above the water riding kitesurfing lessons vietnam kite course November

5. Progression – we kitesurf fluently in
both directions

kitesurfing lessons vietnam Kiteschule vietnam Vung Tau we kite in both directions

Learn about the various reasons to choose
why to learn kitesurfing in Vung Tau – Vietnam

Learning stages during our kite lessons

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