How to reach the planning during your kite ride

Once we got up on the kiteboard and we start to kitesurf, the next objective is … to continue navigating, of course. To achieve that, we need enough wind for the kite to keep dragging us, but as the wind rises and falls in its intensity, it is clear that we will have to steer the kite efficiently by moving it up and down

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To achieve this we need the necessary technique and through this process we will regulate the force that the kite sends us to continue kitesurfing. When the wind is sufficient, keeping the kite still, it will be enoughdrag to navigate. With each possible momentarily wind decrease, by steering skillfully our kite we will get the push we need.

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It is convenient to remember that the kitebar should not remain all the time the closest to our body, that means we shouldn’t pull the kitebar fully. Therefore, it is convenient to push the bar upwards with both hands at a time and pulling it downwards again, and then with the back hand, we pull the kite a bit forward to send the kite upwards.

When the kite has risen, with the front hand we will send the kite forward and downwards, and then, we will pull the kitebar towards us with both hands again.

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This process of: tension the lines by pulling the kitebar towards our body (with both hands at the same time), pull back with the back hand, push upwards the bar (with both hands at the same time), send the kite forward and down (with the front hand only) and tense again both lines by pulling again the kitebar with both hands at the same time, is what will allow us, both to regulate the power that the kite sends us, and to get the necessary pull from the kite to maintain the  plane in our kitesurfing navigation.

In the good technique of handling the kitebar to use the kite as a source of power lays the key to success, both for navigation and later for achieving good jumping.

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