When we practice kitesurfing, we must respect certain NAVIGATION RULES  of priority, universally recognized, which unfortunately are not always respected most of times by ignorance and sometimes by forgetfulness or pure egoism

NAVIGATION RULES WHEN KITESURFING – kitesurfing lessons Vietnam
   Compliance with the following kitesurfing rules can, definitely, prevent accidents, both on the beach and above all, in the water. We recommend that you follow them and respect them, remember these rules at all times.

We want to make specific mention of the rules of navigation, as well as the rules of common sense when we are sailing on any beach in Vietnam.

It is known that in Vietnam are many people who walk on the beach and bath in the sea, all of them in the absolute ignorance of how dangerous can be to share beach and water with practitioners or apprentices of kitesurfing.

It is our obligation as kiters and as civilized beings respect any other user of the beach, can not fit any type of doubt about it. Respect everyone on the beach and water and remember that the danger you put, not them. You have to be completely serious about this.



KITESURFING RULES – kitesurfing lessons vietnam

Compliance with this kitesurfing rules can prevent accidents, both on the beach and especially, in the water. We recommend you follow and remember these rules at all times.

First rule … The person who starts to sail from the beach has right of passage from those which sails in direction  sea – beach.   The reason: Sometimes the winds can be gusty when we are near the beach, then, at some distance from the coast the wind generally improves, so who starts to kitesurf from the beach have priority over those who return to the beach.

Second rule ... He who receives the wind from the right has priority. The kiter, whose left hand is forward, should descend the kite for those who come in the opposite direction and they have the right hand ahead. They can continue his course without having to bring up or down his kite.

Third rule … If we reach another kiter from behind, we must give priority to the kiter to which we advance since we have a global vision behind but the other kiter does not have this privilege.
This kiter should overtake the other kiter without affecting him with its overtaking maneuver.

Fourth rule … The kiter that is upwind of another kiter should lift his kite while the kiter who is downwind must lower his kite to prevent the two kites from meeting in the air.

Fifth rule … The kiter that surfs a wave has the right of passage over the kiter which comes in the opposite direction. Only if the other kiter is starting his kite ride from the beach, in this case applies the rule number 1.

Sixth rule … The kiter who decides to jump must have a free zone of at least 50 meters downwind, first checking that nobody comes from  behind.
When the kiter wants to jump and sends his kite backwards, its lines could become entangled with the kite of the kiter that may be behind you.


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Seventh rule … Motorized boats must give way to kiteboarders but, to avoid mistakes, he should act as if the boat had the right of way, so consider any other boat or sailboat has priority in the water over a kiter, in this way always the kiter must navigate downwind of all.   It’s safer and more convenient

Eighth rule … last of all rules and perhaps the most important.  If in doubt, and even if you are the one who has the preference, when you do not see the situation clearly,  always give up your preference.
Avoid situations. This is pure common sense.


It is advisable to read these eight rules before kitesurfing.  You must understand them completely and you must remind them all times. Think that when we are in the water,  when kitesurfing close to other kiters, you may find yourselves in one of these situations, so, always keep these rules in mind,  learn them well in order to avoid problems.

The last suggestion, once again, be generous!   It is always possible to avoid a situation of conflict if we react in time, especially when there is a lot of people in the water, or when space is limited because of waves or beginners with little control.

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