Choose well your kite school

When you want to learn kitesurfing, there are some very important details
that can make the difference between learning effectively or not, among them
to choose well your kite school
Learn kitesurfing – Kiteschool Vietnam … read this blog entry,
don’t waste your time and money. To choose your kite school well it’s a serious task

excuse for mistakes

Learn kitesurfing – Kite school Vietnam
In the following lines we will try to explain these important details.
Pay attention and imagine yourself as the person who wants to learn kitesurfing
Consider each of the following tips and select carefully your kitesurfing school


not here please kitesurfing in Vietnam Mui ne busy beach


What you DO NOT WANT, when it comes to learn kitesurfing

1.- Small sandy area

2.- Crowded beach with many people also in the water

3.- Obstacles downwind or anywhere on the beach

4.- Very windy conditions

5.- Waves breaking on the shore

6.- Rough surface of the sea

7.- Deep water

8.- Other kiters crossing the teaching area

9.- Too fast and reactive kite

10.- Bad kitesurfing technique teaching

Your kite course in Vung Tau – Learn Kitesurfing with us

2 plenty free space on Vung Tau kite spot
plenty free space on Vung Tau kite spot

We are the only school in our kite spot and our area is free of other people learning
plus we enjoy light breezes, ideal for learning in our shallow water lagoon

11 kite spot Vung Tau flat water
flat water lagoon kite spot Vung Tau

See in the following lines what should not happen during your kitesurfing lessons.
That is the main advantage of having lessons with us


The “do not” package

Small beach without enough free space vs beach free from obstacles,
evident answer, isn’t it?… where no one can be annoyed or exposed
to be hurt it’s the first step to successful kitesurfing lessons

too busy beach Mui ne

It is recommended that the safety distance be of at least two lines of
distance without people and obstacles, where your kite
may tangle or injure someone on the beach, including yourself


Very windy beach is not advisable
The stronger the wind, the lesser chances of controlling the kite

do not rough seas for kite lessons

Receiving kite lessons over 16 knots of wind can be a difficult
and dangerous task. The kite becomes very reactive and the chance
of making mistakes becomes much bigger


Waves breaking on the shore are one of the biggest enemies of a kite student
Crossing the shorebreak it is a delicate task.
You need to use your kite trajectory set at 45 degrees from the water surface
while with your other arm holding the kiteboard, this, to overcome the shore break
and be able to position yourself on the board in order to waterstart


do not water shore break lessons

The rough surface of the sea and deep water makes kitesurfing
learning progression almost impossible

Crowd and too many kites


Other kiters crossing the teaching area it is an annoyance, plus,
it is very dangerous. Kites can easily tangle their lines and the power
of one kite can double its dragging power

kite lines crossing learn to avoid it kiteschool Vietnam Vung Tau kite lessons November
if two kites cross lines can be a dangerous situation

Windy conditions require the use of smaller kites, smaller kites
are too fast and reactive.  It is very difficult to control a reactive kite,
you will not learn anything if it is too windy. best learning conditions
are a light breeze and no waves at all


The video under this lines it is taken in our lessons kite spot

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