Flysurfer kite splitboards – Kitesurfing Vietnam

Flysurfer kite splitboards – Kitesurfing Vietnam

Kitesurfing … Vietnam … travelling again … Everything so appealing!   A great kitespot, flat water, 22 kts  sideshore wind.  Does it sounds good enough?

When do we leave?  I want to go back there!   Right, pack all your kite stuff, put it on your kiteboard bag, get to the airport and fly away.

   But … wait a minute.  And what about the kiteboard? to bring it there it may cost a little fortune, don’t you think?

Flysurfer kite splitboards – Kitesurfing Vietnam

When I started talking about Vietnam, Kitesurfing and all the stuff I was remembering about “el rio” the river, the last part of Vung Tau city kite beach in Vietnam.


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Don’t beleive all the rain forecasted up here, it generally rains one tenth of what it says

On this short blog entry of we are going to talk about one of the most important things to consider when you are planning to travel abroad for kitesurfing to a different kite spot.

The Flysurfer split kiteboards.

The split boards of Flysurfer.  What is the use of that?

Simply, so that they will not crucify you again at the moment of the check in on the airport when you want to board a plane on a kitetrip with your kitesurfing stuff

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Meaning with it that in addition to the traditional kiteboards of flysurfer, which can be seen in the photo below, it is necessary to add already the divisible boards or split boards.

This, added to the little space that the flysurfer kite foils occupe in your luggage, making of flysurfer the best kitesurfing brand of the market when travelling abroad.



The sizes that Flysurfer offered until recently were the smaller kitesurf board of 134 × 41, and the bigger one, of 160×44, unfortunately -in my opinion- this one is no longer manufactured being replaced by the 139×43

The prices are around 1000 euros, and as a note to highlight, the system that seems to be used, far from what has been used until now by other kitesurfing brands that have ventured into building divisible kiteboards

Flysurfer kitesplts are characterized by a considerable decrease in the weight at the same time than a perfect flex to not leave you so fatigued after your kite sessions.

The flex helps to absorb considerably the chop on the water, therefore being less physical while riding.


Flysurfer kite splitboards

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There are no screws in the middle of the board to join the two parts of it, the union will be achieved through a flange that fits into another flange and a kind of small weightless pins on both sides of the board.

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Flysurfer boards for travelling – Kitesurfing Vietnam

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