WIND FALL – Kitesurfing lessons Vietnam kite tuition

WIND FALL – Kitesurfing lessons Vietnam kite tuition

It is possible that one day you could find yourself in a situation where you are away from the shore and you are the victim of a wind fall. As a first precaution, you should always go kitesurfing wearing a life vest

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   These things, possible windfalls, in principle are perfectly avoidable since you should not sail with offshore winds and you should be aware of the wind forecast to know if you should finish your kite session at certain time because the risk of a wind fall or the wind could change direction and put you in a complicated situation.


WIND FALL – Kitesurfing lessons Vietnam

1 kitesurfing lessons vietnam too far kiting can be dangerous
Kitesurfing too far. What if the wind fails?


2 kiteschool vietnam vung tau good practices kitesurfing lessons
Offshore wind is misleading, it may fall at any time


Obviously things can be less serious if you have not moved too far from the coast.  Remember the saying:
Do not kitesurf further than you are willing to swim.


 kite is up on the air kitesurfing lessons vietnam
While the kite is up in the air try bodydragging



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If the lack of wind is temporary, simply drop your body back in the water and try to keep the kite flying even if you have to move it from one side to the other.  Trying to keep the kite from falling into the water is your top priority.

If it seems that the wind does not pick up, and you see that you’re drifting -getting downwinded- you are going to be able to reach the shore, do not mind drifting.  Better to walk back than to stay floating


 kitesurfing lessons vietnam proceed to self rescue

If the kite can not fly and falls into the water, roll the lines on the bar and try the self rescue by taking one end of the kite with each hand so that you can take advantage of the little wind available and try to gain the beach.


kitesurfing lessons vietnam – swim back to shore, your life worths more than your gear


If the wind is really 0 and you do not think it will pick up again, pack the equipment,  place it over the board and swim back.

If it is really impossible and you fear for your life, abandone the gear and just swim.  Once you reach the shore, perhaps you can contact someone who with the help of a boat you can try to recover it.

BE PREPARED FOR A WIND FALL – Kitesurfing lessons Vietnam

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