Among the most common injuries in the practice of kitesurfing are the ones related to the low back pain

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The injury occurs in the lower back (lumbar area), and can spread to the buttocks, producing a tingling sensation in the legs that worsens when walking or get moving and yields to absolute rest.


1 low back pain - kitesurfing injuries

Low back injuries can be caused by charges in effort in ligaments, muscles, intervertebral discs and vertebrae.

in surfing or windsurfing

In the world of kiteboarding, lumbars play an important role but also in the practice of other sports such as rowing, surfing or windsurfing.

This happens mostly by performing radical maneuvers or after practicing this activities when we haven’t had a pre stretch session, as, it is once out of the water when we may notice the area lumbar highly charged


3 per cent in typical injuries of kitesurfing

In this article we am going to advise you how to avoid these possible situations which may end hurting you and indicate you the best way to face this issues when the pain is already established.



The first thing which we recommended it’s muscle strengthening as a preventive measure to strengthen the lower back and abdominal muscles. We will always see how to work before the practice of the sport, to prepare for the coming effort in lumbar muscular abdominal muscles, otherwise, we can produce an imbalance in the lumbar area.

4 a good stretching session prior to kitesurfing
A good stretching session prior to kitesurfing is of capital importance

Before entering the water is recommended to do some abdominal exercises. The amount of them depends on the level of training of each person.
There are several exercises to strengthen muscles. These exercises can be combined to balance  the following effort which in turn will also help us to strengthen both  the lumbar and abdominal areas


Recommended warm up exercises

1 … Raise your legs extended: Lying in the floor on your back, legs straight and at 90º from the ground.
This is, you have to bring the legs towards the ceiling to separate the pelvic area from the floor. Repeat the exercise in sets of 5 times.

2 … Elevations of your hips with your arms extended on the floor, hand palms down against the floor, following with a similar elevation of your extended legs, in this case, instead of raising the pelvis
Other important exercise which you can do is to separate your higher back until touching your feet with your hands.

5 lift your hips and also bent your upper body


3 … Crunches with legs propped at 90 degrees: Place your feet elevated supported on a bench or chair to shrinkage. Do short movements, do not force.

4 … Butterfly Curl: Place your legs open and bent.  Lift your upper body from the cervical area to the beginning of the dorsal region.

6 stretching for kitesurfing sessions in vietnam kiteschool

5 … It is also very important to keep a good stance when we are riding, A bad stance will provoque awkward body positions, not only on our legs but our hips and the lumbar and low back area.

7 good or bad kitesurfing stance - here is the difference between injure risk

6 … don’t act crazy and ride carefully, your body will appreciate it

10 don't do crazy and ride carefully, your body will appreciatte it


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