Kitesurfing club Vung Tau – Asociacion Aprende a Navegar

Kitesurfing club Vung Tau – Asociacion Aprende a Navegar

Every 8th of June, since the year 2009 it is celebrated the World Oceans Day, what a great chance to celebrate kitesurfing too! Mallorca is an island, water all around it, beautiful clear blue water

Vung Tau it’s a lovely South Asian city surrounded by the sea which will offer you  the best water and wind conditions to learn kitesurfing in Vietnam and therefore to become a new happy kiter

Let’s see more about the oceans.  Oceans and seas generate most of the oxygen we breathe thanks to the great photosynthetic activity of phytoplankton, also oceans absorbs a large amount of carbon emissions, which is helping its acidification. The oceans offer us food and nutrients and also regulates the climate.

Oceans cover approximately 71% of the earth’s surface, which amounts to an area of ​​361,000,000 km².
Oceans have an average depth of 3,900 meters. The deepest point lies in the Marianas Trench. It reaches 11,034 meters deep in a place known as the Challenger abyss.

Hey!  I’ve got a question: How much water is in the sea?
It seems impossible to calculate how much water is in the seas and oceans, but some scientists have estimated that the oceans has 1.370 trillion liters.

Of all the water we have on the planet, 97% of it, it is salty and it is found in seas and oceans. The sea currents, waves, tides, etc, keep the seas in continuous movement, this serves to oxygenate, transport food or distribute the energy that oceans store. Although we often talk about different oceans and seas, they are really all connected and united.

What else to say about oceans?  oceans are economically important for countries that rely on fishing and other marine resources for their income, also for tourism, countries such as Spain

World Oceans day motto is: “our seas and oceans are our future.”
On this post entry we are going to add one more important fact: oceans and seas are the perfect background for learning kitesurfing!

And now, after so much talking about water, let’s talk a bit about our thing: kitesurfing.     Lately we have had a new member arriving to our kite club Asociacion Aprende a Navegar.

Asociacion Aprende a Navegar KITE CLUB in VUNG TAU and MALLORCA

This is what is about – take profit of so much water around us and learn kitesurfing, by being helped not just through the kite monitor and the school in which you took your lessons, but also by a group of already club members, which will be delighted to help you and advice you in every required moment.

I am referring to Marta. A lovely sevillan young lady which spends summer time here in Mallorca.

The next kitesurfing  photos shows our dear friend Marta on her firsts waterstart

I must admit that Marta is a very sportive and skilled girl and it has take her really little effort to learn kitesurfing.
This few lines be an homage to Marta and let’s hope to have many more new members this summer which, besides enhance and enlarge our kite group also embellish the kite scene, undoubtedly


Please, see by yourself how the good teaching, good learning and the right amount of commitment has given it’s fruits





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7-cursos-de-kitesurf-en-Can-Pastilla-Mallorca-kite mallorca-com

8-escuela-de-kite-en-Palma-Sa-Rapita- kitesurfing mallorca com

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12-kite-course-en-Mallorca-learning-with-kiteschool-mallorca kiteschool com

12-kite-course-en-Mallorca-learning-with-kiteschool-mallorca kiteschool com

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16-kite-lessons-Mallorca-www-kitesurfing mallorca-com-Marta-kite-student-August


Marta – a new kitesurfing club member in Mallorca

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