For some of the guys their first kite course, for one of them it was a refreshing kitesurfing course, as he took a couple of days last year with us but he needed one more day to be in total control and start jumping
The simple fact to decide to learn kitesurfing it is in itself a brave decision. To find the right wind and water conditions to ease this process it is definitely a clear priority.

Don’t get fooled by promised winds or by other kiters performing complicated freestyle manoeuvres.    The best kitesurfing conditions for learning are:

1.-   light winds

2.-   flat or not wavy waters

3.-   shallow waters  enough to allow you to learn without getting drowned

4.-   the right kitesurfing equipment, which not necessarily means the latest equipment or the most expensive kite

5.-   and, above all, the right tuition -teacher and method of teaching-

Here we have the first student of the group, a total beginner which after 3 hours of  kitesurfing lessons and in spite of the small waves and the chop, is managing to stand up on his kiteboard






The rest of the group of students

Kitesurfing – crossing in front of the astonished eyes, his kite fellows, silent and happy witnesses of the final success of his friend Eze

I was referring to jumping, this dreamed, desired, sometimes even overrated kitesurfing move. And who else to protagonize this little entry to our blog than our beloved kite fellow Eze.

Yes, si,   Eze is finally jumping, left aside insignificant minor details as style or landings, etc, whatever,   Eze is starting to amaze us with his jumps, and … this is what really matters.

Let’s go straight to the fact, to the images, to the pure kite action and to his master.


9 -toma-distancia-ira-a-saltar-de-nuevo-kitekurse-auf-mallorca

eze salta kitesurfing vung tau

10 salta-de-nuevo-esta-lanzado-kiteschule-mallorca-Pollensa

Eze is kitesurfing, jumping for the first time – riding away, photo for a Facebook profile? Most surely … don’t you think? …

Maria José, kite student in two days

Maria Jose accompanies her friends, Eze and Christian on their summer trip. They have decided to try their luck in learning kitesurf with us. Eze already had a couple of days of lessons last year and he has being able to perform his first jumps.

The Asociacion Aprende a Navegar and mallorcakiteschool com are bounded to facilitate your learning with the tuition and the necessary technique, also by using the best and most suitable kitesurf equipment recommended for learning in our light wind conditions which we usually have on our island.

5 -Maria-Jose-mallorca-kitesurfen-schule-positioning-on-the-board

6 -Maria-Jose-stand-upa-nd-ride-ecole-de-kite-a-majorque

During their stay, our friends, were able to enjoy the summer wind known as “embat” or thermal winds which are generally blowing in the bay of Pollensa, sometimes the breeze was barely able to reach 6-8 knots.

Nevertheless, Maria Jose has managed to progress on her kitesurfing lessons to end in a couple of days, being able to start to stand up in the kiteboard and kitesurf the first meters sailing in both directions.

7 -Mª-Jose-starting-to-gain-high-kitesurfen-mallorca

8 -full-speed-kitesurfing-lessons-mallorca-Maria-Jose

The materials used by Maria Jose has been a Flysurfer kite type Peak size 12 meters and the kiteboard, the XL model 170×50 cms also of the Flysurfer kitesurfing brand.