The basis of learning kitesurfing depends largely on the right choice of several important facts. So let’s see why … CHOOSE A KITESURFING SCHOOL IN VIETNAM?

As most of us work all year round it is reasonable to assume that some people will take the chance to have their vacation in a tropical destination away from the cold and stress to take their kitesurfing lessons and learn a new sport  Continue reading “HOW TO CHOOSE YOUR KITESCHOOL”

Preparing the kite and connect it to the lines

How to prepare the kite for launching and how to launch and land a kite tube.   Preparing the kite and connections to the lines are factors of capital importance.

We must be trained to carefully unwind the kite lines and connect them to the kite.   A tube kite once is prepared and the lines connected, it must be launched and landed on the wind window at an angle of 90 degrees with respect to the wind Continue reading “Preparing the kite and connect it to the lines”